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By Sasha Steensen September 20, 2012  |  Fort Collins, MFA, Regional Events, Uncategorized  |  no responses

It is fall in Fort Collins, which means we wake up to crisp, cool mornings and by mid-afternoon, we are heading to the river to enjoy a respite from the Colorado sun.   Our town, located alongside the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, boasts the oldest MFA program in the state.  Our earlier MA in Creative Writing dates all the way back to 1966. Since the creation of the MFA program in 1985, we have graduated close to 300 writers.  These alumni have become university professors, secondary school teachers, lawyers, environmental activists, magazine editors, non-profit directors, Peace Corp volunteers, press founders, filmmakers, and, yes, award-winning writers.

To give you just a small sense of the literary achievements of our alum, I direct you to the poetry of Jennifer K Dick (whose Florescence won the prestigious Georgia Prize for Poetry), or to the fiction of Wendy Rawlings (who was awarded the Michigan Literary Award for her novel The Agnostics), or to the poetry of Sandra Meek (winner of the Dorset Prize for Biogeography), or to the nonfiction of Steven Church (whose The Guinness Book of Me won the Colorado Book Award), or to the fiction of Evelena Galang (who won the AWP Award for the novel One Tribe), or…The list could go on and on, but I won’t. Instead, I encourage you to return to our blog regularly so as not to miss all the alumni, faculty and student news we will surely be posting here.  In addition to such updates, this blog will offer mini-essays on topics as wide-ranging as pedagogy, publishing, upcoming readers, regional literary events, Fort Collins lore, hiking and biking tips, local breweries, and countless other riveting subjects.

In the meantime, I’d like to simply highlight the vibrancy of our MFA program and our larger Fort Collins community.  Fort Collins, heaven to outdoor enthusiasts and beer drinkers alike, is also a wonderful place to be a writer.  We are home to a half-dozen live theatres, a wonderful independent movie theatre, the non-profit residency and arts community, ART342, several music venues, and Wolverine Farm Publishing, a grass-roots literary arts organization, which publishes Matter Journal, among other fine publications.  The larger Front Range literary scene, with regular literary events in Boulder, Denver and Laramie has never been more active.  As a program, we offer not only seminars, craft courses, and workshops in fiction, poetry and non-fiction, but a book arts program; a vibrant reading series; a vigorous editing program focused on the 50+ year old Colorado Review; and various literacy outreach programs, such as Literacy through Prose and Poetry.  It’s a dizzying array of writing and teaching and editing and outreach and art, and I am truly honored to be the Director of such a diverse and vibrant program.

I am glad you stopped by, and I invite you to return often!

Sasha Steensen


Professor. B.A., History; M.F.A., Creative Writing, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ph.D., Poetics, SUNY Buffalo.

Professor Steensen teaches poetry workshops and literature courses. She is the author of House of Deer (Fence Books, 2014); The Method (Fence Books, 2008); A Magic Book, which won the Alberta duPont Bonsal Prize (Fence Books, 2004); Waters: A Lenten Poem (Free Poetry, 2012); A History of the Human Family (Flying Guillotine Press, 2010); The Future of an Illusion (Dos Press, 2008); and correspondence (with Gordon Hadfield, Handwritten Press, 2004). Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals, including Octopus, Omniverse, Jubilat, Denver Quarterly, and La Petit Zine. Her essays and reviews have appeared in journals such as The Volta, Boston Review, Chain, P-queue, and Interim. Steensen she serves as one of the poetry editors for Colorado Review.

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