Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Sex Pistols of POVs—Discussing Second-Person Narration with E. J. Levy

Sitting at a wrought-iron table outside of the Wild Boar café on an unusually warm autumn evening in Fort Collins, CO, author E. J. Levy, my roommate Ben Findlay, and I have invented a game we’re hoping will gain some traction with the extremely limited parties who might enjoy discussing something like this: who are […]

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Caring for Words

October 23, 2012  |  Publishing, Readings, Regional Events

On the weekend of September 14th, I had the pleasure of attending a retreat sponsored by Ruminate Magazine, a Fort Collins based literary journal that was started by Brianna Van Dyke, a recent alumna of the M.A. in Literature program at Colorado State University. In its 6th year of production and having just released its […]

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Sherman Alexie speaks at C.S.U.’s Diversity Symposium

October 17, 2012  |  Fiction, Poetry, Readings, Regional Events

The Colorado State University Diversity Symposium this fall began their week with keynote speaker (and author, poet, screenwriter, producer, and performer) Sherman Alexie. I was informed by the diversity symposium’s website, that “Alexie uses irony throughout his work in an attempt to dispel myths about the conditions of Native Americans living on reservations…” and that […]

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