Monthly Archives: September 2013

Writing as an Act of Empathy

September 25, 2013  |  Fiction, Uncategorized, Writing

  Reading fiction has given me strong feelings and opinions about things I’ve never actually experienced. My ideas of how it felt to wear a corset in the 1800s, of how WWII affected Japanese workers, of what it’s like to have a cheating spouse, are all things I learned, and felt deeply, because of reading […]

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Collaborations: Matthew Cooperman and Aby Kaupang Cooperman read at the UCA

  “Into this wild Abyss / the womb of Nature, and perhaps her grave.”  Matthew Cooperman prefaces his latest collection, Imago for the Fallen World, with this quote from Milton. As evident in this textual mosaic in collaboration with the artist Marius Lehene, Matthew is socially conscious and exhilarating poet writing with urgency and force. […]

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Living Social

September 11, 2013  |  Community, Fiction, Fort Collins, MFA, Uncategorized, Writing

The best thing about being in a writing program is being around other people who understand the writing condition. I think Leslee Becker told me that once, or something like it. And it’s true, I think, that coming to Fort Collins for graduate school has afforded me the wonderful opportunity to be comfortable with the […]

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