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What We Do and Why

December 10, 2014  |  Uncategorized

I have now spent eighteen of the last twenty years on college campuses, either working with or attending universities, often doing both at once. In some ways, it’s a pretty cushy life—the treed stretches and green spaces, the atmosphere of intellectual flexibility and innovation, and perhaps, maybe most of all, the shared sense of trying […]

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Considering BOUGH DOWN, by Karen Green: An annotation

December 4, 2014  |  Uncategorized

Green, Karen. Bough Down. Los Angeles: Siglio Press, 2013. Print. Regarding the suicide of her husband, novelist David Foster Wallace, Karen Green writes that people “talk about him like he’s meant to be dead and that makes me mad…” (175). While Green doesn’t explicitly state why people talk about his death in this manner, the […]

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