Introducing: Chicken Riot!

By Leah White October 20, 2016  |  Uncategorized  |  no responses

I have been organizing an arts event alongside my first semester in the MFA program (poet speaking here). Chicken Riot is a monthly event, a main goal of which being to draw a bridge between artists within the community and those occupying the academic space. The more connected artists are to each other, the more impact we will have. Chicken Riot assumes the framework of an open mic, anyone can sign up to perform specifically. There are also two showcased artists at every event who will be presenting/performing/Q&Aing about their work! Attendees should expect to engage with the art intimately, not just as voyeuristic audience members but as participants … and we have some exciting methods of facilitating this participation — not to be revealed.

Another goal is to unite different genres / mediums: painters, actors, writers, musicians, photographers, dancers, everyone. Collaboration can be truly illuminating, to work inside a different world of tools and new constraints, to create a bond with fellow artists. I find that a musician might immediately understand what I mean when I say something emotionally and ardently charged about my writing, though perhaps illogical, while a fellow academic will have no idea what I’m talking about. To me, it’s because artists have a bond of human expression that reaches beyond logic, and even linguistics I would argue (as a poet!), into something other, something essential.

My effort is to create a more bonded art community here during my time in Fort Collins, one that is inclusive and exciting and nonjudgmental and unpretentious. After all, if I have learned anything from my writing practice, it is that I have created the most sincere and important work when I stopped trying to be important, when I let go of what others expected or thought, when I listened to the thing in the deep well of myself that knows what needs to be said. If we can foster that kind of art making, that kind of human being, maybe we can stir the world around us, maybe we can awaken and inspire.

Ezra Pound believed artists were the most important people to pay attention to in a society and I completely agree; that a society which does not pay attention to its artists will atrophy and rot. In order for society to pay attention, though, we must be pervasive, we must infuse ourselves in a community that is inclusive and open.

Come support the FIRST EVER Chicken Riot on:
October 20, 7pm sign up @ Wolverine Farm Public House (316 Willow St)
Showcasing Folkstress, Camille Garcia, and Painter, Kendall Kippley!

Future Chicken Riot events will fall on the third Thursday of every month!

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