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How to get into an MFA Program

October 26, 2018  |  Uncategorized

Attempt to study for the LSAT. Fail all of your Logical Reasoning practice tests. Decide that your Reading Comprehension score is okay, but that your Analytical Reasoning score is pathetic. Don’t mention any of this when your parents ask how the studying is going. Tell them it’s going well, tell them you’re making progress. Don’t […]

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Futile Devices & Speaker Language

October 12, 2018  |  Uncategorized

Sufjan Stevens has a really good song called “Futile Devices.” You should listen to it. * In my classes, we talk about “speaker language” when addressing another piece of work. As a creative non-fiction student, this makes a lot of sense: as we read and discuss the work of other authors, our peers, it is […]

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