Monthly Archives: October 2019

Back to Basics

October 16, 2019  |  Fiction, MFA, Writing

I was seven, I think. I had lined up several dolls at the end of my bed and was attempting to show them how to do long subtraction. They were an unruly class, constantly pushing each other down, never remembering to raise their hands. Usually, when my back was turned to the board the class […]

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Accessing Reality

October 4, 2019  |  MFA, Poetry, Writing

A Masters in the Fine Arts is not a one-way ticket to an illustrious career path of lucrative success. No one is of the illusion that we write for the money. For most of us, we write because we have to. We have no other choice but to write. It is a pressing need.  Though […]

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Welcome Back!

October 4, 2019  |  Community, Faculty, MFA

Welcome back to the blog! After a good full month of getting back into step with the Creative Writing dance here at CSU, it’s time to start broadcasting the voices of the incredible folks that make up our MFA program. So much is going on in the halls of Eddy: manuscripts are being passed around, […]

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