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Collaborations: Matthew Cooperman and Aby Kaupang Cooperman read at the UCA

  “Into this wild Abyss / the womb of Nature, and perhaps her grave.”  Matthew Cooperman prefaces his latest collection, Imago for the Fallen World, with this quote from Milton. As evident in this textual mosaic in collaboration with the artist Marius Lehene, Matthew is socially conscious and exhilarating poet writing with urgency and force. […]

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Living Social

September 11, 2013  |  Community, Fiction, Fort Collins, MFA, Uncategorized, Writing

The best thing about being in a writing program is being around other people who understand the writing condition. I think Leslee Becker told me that once, or something like it. And it’s true, I think, that coming to Fort Collins for graduate school has afforded me the wonderful opportunity to be comfortable with the […]

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Home (Up and Down) on the Range

I first moved to Colorado—the Front Range—in 1984. Boulder, specifically, my junior year of college at that other university, CU. A California kid who had gone East for college initially (Colgate), I was rather worn out by the place, its small size and Tri-State insularity, the lake effect weather. And so, like many Californians, I […]

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The Sex Pistols of POVs—Discussing Second-Person Narration with E. J. Levy

Sitting at a wrought-iron table outside of the Wild Boar café on an unusually warm autumn evening in Fort Collins, CO, author E. J. Levy, my roommate Ben Findlay, and I have invented a game we’re hoping will gain some traction with the extremely limited parties who might enjoy discussing something like this: who are […]

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Welcome to the blog!

September 20, 2012  |  Fort Collins, MFA, Regional Events, Uncategorized

It is fall in Fort Collins, which means we wake up to crisp, cool mornings and by mid-afternoon, we are heading to the river to enjoy a respite from the Colorado sun.   Our town, located alongside the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, boasts the oldest MFA program in the state.  Our earlier MA in Creative […]

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