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Obscurity, Clarity, & Trying to Mean

November 12, 2013  |  Poetry, Teaching, Uncategorized, Writing

I have a Billy Collins face. This is not at all to say that I resemble former U. S. poet laureate Billy Collins; what I mean is, there is an expression that I make whenever Billy Collins is brought up in conversation in my vicinity, whenever I feel compelled to respond to that situation honestly […]

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Internship Opportunities Abound

Whether you are a new, weathered, or prospective graduate student in the Creative Writing Program, you musn’t forget about the abundance of internship opportunities available to you! The English Department created a formal internship program about 20 years ago, and today – thanks to the hard work of Deanna Ludwin, John Calderazzo, and others – […]

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AWP Happenings: I'm Already Exhausted and Exhilarated

AWP 2013 is upon us, and we’ve all got big plans.  Check out what the CSU folks will be up to: FACULTY: Dan Beachy-Quick:  Friday, March 8: 2:00: Ahsahta Book Signing;  3:30: The Arcadia Project Panel w/ Jennifer Moxley, Josh Corey, Jonathan Skinner, and Brenda Ijima; The Arcadia Project: Writing the Postmodern Pastoral; Location: Room 109, […]

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When Words Turn to Black Cloth and Black Cloth Turns to Ink

December 10, 2012  |  Fiction, MFA, Poetry, Teaching

A few fortunate things happened to me this semester: 1.I was given the opportunity to teach Introduction to Creative Writing (E210) here at Colorado State University. 2.I had a conversation over drinks with Audrey Wasielewski, who teaches Intermediate Sculpting in the Visual Arts Department.  At first glance, these two events are quite separate. Even if […]

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Home (Up and Down) on the Range

I first moved to Colorado—the Front Range—in 1984. Boulder, specifically, my junior year of college at that other university, CU. A California kid who had gone East for college initially (Colgate), I was rather worn out by the place, its small size and Tri-State insularity, the lake effect weather. And so, like many Californians, I […]

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Against Talent

November 7, 2012  |  MFA, Publishing, Teaching

Flannery O’Connor was once famously asked if writing workshops discouraged young writers, to which she is said to have replied, “Not enough of them.” The essayist Pico Iyer maintains that, “Writing can be learned, but not taught.” Beneath such skeptical pronouncements lies, it seems to me, a niggling doubt about the source of art: whether […]

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